PSK-KHARKOV includes an organization department – a testing laboratory for on-site inspections of engineering structures. The laboratory is equipped with state-of-art complex of equipment and instrumentations that allow it to carry out the whole complex of inspection works, evaluation of technical state and certification of buildings and constructions, stand-alone engineering structures and utility systems of different objects.

     The laboratory is a certified assessing authority that is authorized to carry out tests and issue protocols for certification of engineering structures. Competence of laboratory is confirmed by accreditation body in Ukraine – State Accreditation Agency of Ukraine that is confirmed by correspondent certificate.


     Depending on tasks the following works can be carried out as part of inspection:

  • visual inspection of constructions detecting all defects by outward signs;
  • measuring works to determine necessary geometric parameters of constructions;
  • instrumental determination of parameters of defects and damages, including nondestructive methods;
  • determining the actual strength properties of materials;
  • measurement of parameters of operational technology environment in building (construction);
  • determination of actual design diagram and calculation of actual loadings;
  • check calculation and calculation of capacity rating of constructions according to inspection results.

     Besides, according to results of inspection, if necessary, we develop construction design documents for enforcement (replacement) of damaged structures or elements.