Engineering surveys
Engineering surveys

     PSK-KHARKOV does all engineering surveys for construction and reconstruction of industrial and public constructions. The surveys are conducted as a whole package or for specific construction features, including:

  • geological engineering and hydrogeological survey;
  • topographical survey;
  • engineering and environmental survey;
  • engineering and hydrometeorological survey;
  • special survey works, including engineering surveys during construction. 



     Our company has broad experience of all kinds of survey works on the territory of Ukraine and the Russian Federation in different environmental and man-triggered conditions, as well as conducting construction and reconstruction works at operating manufacturing enterprises.

     Staff of survey department of PSK-KHARKOV consists of experienced and highly trained professionals, the department is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, devices and software. Our company has an operating field geotechnical laboratory that allows us to perform wide range of surveys and research works during constructions, including:

  • artificial substructure design development;
  • practical soil compacting, determination of optimal densification parameters;
  • geotechnical ground compaction quality control when arranging different embankments, ground beds and artificial substructures;
  • inspection and acceptance of foundation soils in excavated pits.

     Besides, we are always ready to offer you different expert and consulting services and services for management and conduction of engineering surveys.